Services and Activities

UNIAPRAVI main objective is to gather and stimulate the experiences exchange between housing financial systems in different countries, as well as to promote the dialogue and interaction with the governmental authorities in charge to define housing policies and legal and institutional regulations for the development of the sector by including a set of activities and specialized services in the area of housing policies and financing and urban management:
  1. International meetings (conferences and seminars): Devoted to discuss a wide array of topics related to housing polices, housing finance, and urban management, fostering the exchange of knowledge and experiences among counties and institutions: an annual Inter American Housing Conference since 1963 and several international seminars are held yearly.
  2. Training opportunities: Inter American Banking Course since 1988.
  3. Research and analyses and technical assistance missions: By these means, UNIAPRAVI offers directors and executive member institutions both reference material as well as insights and specific measures intended to contribute to the strengthening of these institutions.
  4. Publications: The program of publications disseminates technical documents and statistical material on the housing finance systems as well as institutional information on UNIAPRAVI and its member institutions:
    • Boletin UNIAPRAVI (newsletter).
    • Cuadernos Series.
    • Proceedings of the Inter American Housing Conferences.
    • Books.
    • Newsletter of the Housing Sector in Latin America.
  5. UNIAPRAVI library and On-Line Library Catalog: Specialized in topics related to housing policies, housing finance, and urban management, particularly in Latin American countries. It comprises every and each UNIAPRAVI publication since its establishment in 1964 and material coming from other institutions and authors. On-Line Library Catalog is free access for member institutions of UNIAPRAVI.
  6. Website ( Available on internet since 2000, it offers information on the aims of the Union, its organizational structure, its services, its membership, how to join UNIAPRAVI, its publications including the complete version of the latest edition of Boletin UNIAPRAVI, its next conferences, seminars and courses, among other topics. It also offers various links with websites of its member institutions and other sectorial institutions.